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To begin a new application, choose a job from the available listings below. After your information is complete, you will receive a confirmation number, and your information will be saved allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications. Once an application is submitted, no corrections can be made in the application itself. Go to your profile for that application type, make and save all changes and your updated information will be reflected the next time you submit an application. To shorten the process, please enter all your references on the Reference tab in your Profile so that reference checks can be emailed immediately. Please be sure and remember your username and password for use on future applications.
Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Lead Night Custodian04/23/2018OperationsOperations DepartmentApply
Business & Marketing Teacher04/23/2018CertifiedWickenburg High SchoolApply
Social Studies Teacher04/19/2018CertifiedVulture Peak Middle SchoolApply
Science Teacher04/19/2018CertifiedVulture Peak Middle SchoolApply
English Teacher04/13/2018CertifiedWickenburg High SchoolApply
Blended Math Teacher04/13/2018CertifiedWickenburg Digital Learning ProgramApply
4th Grade Teacher04/13/2018CertifiedHassayampa Elementary SchoolApply
5th Grade Teacher04/13/2018CertifiedHassayampa Elementary SchoolApply
Kindergarten Teacher04/13/2018CertifiedHassayampa Elementary SchoolApply
Band/Choir Teacher04/13/2018CertifiedWickenburg High SchoolApply
Technology Teacher04/13/2018CertifiedVulture Peak Middle SchoolApply
Middle School Math Teacher04/13/2018CertifiedFestival Foothills Elementary SchoolApply
STEAM Camp Teacher03/28/2018CertifiedDistrict OfficeApply
STEAM Camp Substitute Teacher03/28/2018CertifiedDistrict OfficeApply
21st CCLC Summer School Substitute Teacher03/28/2018CertifiedDistrict OfficeApply
21st CCLC Jump Start Teacher03/28/2018CertifiedWickenburg High SchoolApply
21st CCLC Jump Start Coordinator03/28/2018CertifiedWickenburg High SchoolApply
21st CCLC Summer School Teacher03/28/2018CertifiedDistrict OfficeApply
Summer SchoolSubstitute Bus Driver03/28/2018TransportationTransportation DepartmentApply
Summer School Bus Driver03/28/2018TransportationTransportation DepartmentApply
21st CCLC Summer School Coordinator03/28/2018CertifiedDistrict OfficeApply
General Science Teacher03/22/2018CertifiedDistrict OfficeApply
Math Teacher03/22/2018CertifiedWickenburg High SchoolApply
High School Teacher01/26/2018CertifiedDistrict OfficeApply
Middle School Teacher01/26/2018CertifiedDistrict OfficeApply
Elementary School Teacher01/26/2018CertifiedDistrict OfficeApply
Special Education Paraprofessional01/26/2018ClassifiedDistrict OfficeApply
Regular Education Paraprofessional01/26/2018ClassifiedDistrict OfficeApply
21st CCLC Student Tutors11/27/2017ClassifiedWickenburg High SchoolApply
Classified Substitute11/20/2017SubstituteDistrict OfficeApply
Bus Driver10/25/2017ClassifiedTransportation DepartmentApply
Sub/Trip Bus Drivers10/17/2017ClassifiedTransportation DepartmentApply
Emergency Substitutes06/22/2017CertifiedDistrict OfficeApply
Substitute Teacher06/21/2017SubstituteHuman Resources/PayrollApply
Middle School Coach03/23/2017CoachingVulture Peak Middle SchoolApply
Middle School Coach03/23/2017CoachingFestival Foothills Elementary SchoolApply
High School Coach03/23/2017CoachingWickenburg High SchoolApply